Sio Sio Wong

Training Chef of the Year – Sio Sio Wong

Sio Sio being crowned the Chef of the year,

sio2“I thoroughly enjoyed my time studying in Cornell. Cornell guides me to the future I always desire and it inspired me to continue to challenge myself. They truly embrace diversity and make me feel like home. The teachers and the faculty are awesome! I will never forget my time at Cornell.”

-Sio Sio Wong

Sio Sio was awarded a cup plus three silver medals. Marks were combined to make her the overall winner. She was the best among the rest.
The NZ Hospitality Championships are held annually to showcase the talent of New Zealand’s hospitality industry.
It is run in association with NZ Chefs who are the “National Association” supporting and representing Chefs across NZ from school age to mature practitioners.

Laura Eboli

Laura Eboli – Argentina

International Diploma in Food Preparation and Cookery Supervision (Advanced) (Level 5)

laura-02“I have had the chance to use my Cornell training in the areas of stock control, hazard awareness and knife skills which have given me more confidence to develop in the kitchen role.

I have been at Giusto Bar and Eatery from nearly the launch of the establishment and love the opportunity to gain experience in a quality commercial food outlet in the CBD of Auckland.”

-Laura Eboli

“Laura supports the morning preparation shift helping with the breakfast and cabinet food. She has made great progress in learning how to produce high quality food, maintaining HACCP principles and developing her knife skills to a suitable level.”

-Maria Saunier /Sous chef – Pastry


YoungJae Park

Gold Medal 2014-NZ Culinary Fare

Salmon Training Category

The best part of the National competition was participating in the Salmon Training category and being part of such a large event. I had the chance to learn new skills and observe what the food industry is expecting from professional chefs.

This was a very professional atmosphere for developing techniques and skill sets. From this experience I realised that I have learnt valuable culinary skills that could have only come from being part of the whole culinary training process. The training and guidance from my tutor Jo boosted my speed, design skills, time management and how to handle stress.

This whole experience will definitely help me for my future career, my culinary skills and definitely my self-confidence.

– (Jim) Young Jae Park (Cookery, CIBT)e

Jim was a very good trainee chef who came with an open mind to develop his skills. His knife skills were good and over the training period strengthened. He was easy to mentor and he listened well along with making sure he took notes during the training sessions. As a result I am very pleased and proud of Jim’s results – A gold medal!

– Chef Jo Seedhouse (Trainer)

Mark Hwang

Course : Diploma in Professional Cookery Level 5– Graduate Student

Course Dates: Nov. 2012 – Sep. 2013

Nationality : Korean

Working Currently: “OSTRO” Restaurant, Auckland Britomart


ostroDo you have passion to become a chef? Do you want to learn what it is like to work in a commercial kitchen and how to operate you own food industry? If you answered yes to all of those questions, Cornell is the right and smart choice for you to obtain your chosen career path, and probably the fastest way forward in aiming for your future dream!
My name is Mark Hwang, and I was a student who studied for a Diploma in Professional Cookery level 5 at Cornell Institute. I always had vision of becoming a chef as my passion was being able to create good foods. That is why I decided Cornell was for the right choice for me and came to study here in Auckland. It was probably one of the best choices I’ve made in my life. I completed a one year professional cookery course learning the basics to modern culinary arts, which seems a bit short of time to train and gather all the information to be a chef, but with Cornell’s tutors, they help you to develop your culinary skills and knowledge and are supportive all the way. They will push you hard on how to work in a realistic world so you can be job ready. Having this great mentoring left me without any doubt that all my concerns were not necessary as I have overcome them.

All staff at Cornell was really helpful,my own marketing person who i could rely on being there for me in any way and iCareer services to support with job information and guidance if needed. I had a really great time and enjoyed the course at Cornell and for anyone that is passionate like me to be a Chef in New Zealand; I would recommend you choose The Cornell Education Group (CIBT). It would be the best move to make! I am now happy working full time at one of Auckland’s famous vibrant CBD restaurants “Ostro”. It is amazing how the skills I learned are actually being applied in my work place.

Yongjun Park(Royce)

Course : Diploma in International Culinary Arts Level 5
Name of the Hotel: The Langham, Auckland
Duration of work experience: July 2014 to August 2014

langham-exteriorI was struggling to get a job in the kitchen due to my lack of experience. So I approached Kathryn of iCareer support, for help. She helped me with my CV and then introduced me to The Langham, Auckland for a one month “Work Experience”.

After being placed as a trainee chef at this hotel, I was able to experience how the commercial kitchen actually runs, and was placed in different sections each time so that I could learn a variety of skills and duties of the running of a big hotel kitchen.

The Chefs were friendly and helpful; they taught me how to use different types of equipment/machinery and how each ingredients need to be handled. Each shift I was provided with a nice meal and a 30 minutes break time. Most of the chefs were willing to mentor me, not just on skills required in the kitchen, but also about the chef career itself.

Although there was no problem during my work experience, it was reassuring knowing that Kathryn at iCareer was there for me if there were any issues, and assured me to perform and learn my very best in the hotel kitchen industry. Shortly after my work experience iCareer supported my application and sent off my updated CV to the Sudima Hotel where I was able to get a job. I would definitely recommend the work experience to anyone who is lacking experience, skills and confidence. Hotel work experience has improved me and prepared me for the next steps in my chef career.

Royce Park