Ken Li

Course : Diploma in Hospitality Management L5

Nationality : Chinese

Employed : International Education Fund



It was January of this year when I started the role of a Receptionist Intern with this company of which I was recommended by a friend.

Working in the front desk enhances my customer service skills through answering phone calls, patiently responding to customers’ enquiries and dealing with them with courtesy and respect, providing an exception customer service ensuring all responses have a good satisfaction outcome. I like this job because it helps me to communicate in different ways to every customer.

Learning in Cornell teaches me how to provide an excellent service in the industry, along with my parents who have advised me that through my experiences, there is always a huge potential for me to grow and succeed in my choice of career.

I would recommend to all perspective and present students that work experiences, Internships are a good way to help, enhance and contribute towards your study skills, where once completed the short programme you have better prospects for working in New Zealand. 



Course : National Diploma Hospitality Management L5

Nationality : Indian

Started Dec. 2013



I started working as a Food and Beverage Attendant in Pescado Café & Tapas Mediterranean Bar in December 2013. I was trained to do table set-up, welcoming guests, taking and serving the orders.

I also make Barista coffees and serve beverages, where I provide excellent customer service satisfaction for the guests being my biggest responsibility. This helps me to meet and greet different people of diverse cultures of which I enjoy the most here in this beautifully located vibrant area of Auckland.

I am really thankful for iCareer as they assisted me to find this job my tutor of my studies at Cornell and Pescado staff as with their contributed support has helped me to achieve my goals. Now I know that I am on the right path of my chosen career with this important role in the hospitality industry.


Manjeet Singh

Lily Pearl Valdez

Course : Diploma in Hospitality Management L5

Nationality : Filipino

Employed : Grasshopper Thai Restaurant



I am presently working as a Food and Beverage Attendant at The Grasshopper Thai Restaurant and have been since November 2013.

I was referred to apply for this job by my friend. My tasks include; serving the guests, taking their orders and clearing of tables. This helps me develop my hospitality skills as I am dealing with different people from various countries, learning the “Meet and greet” and providing an outstanding customer service where guest’s leave having had an amazing experience.

The things I learned with my studies at Cornell have helped improve my confidence in serving the guests promptly and professionally as I really do my best to exceed their expectations. This role is a huge helps towards my career goal and future, as I am now achieving what I came to New Zealand to do; Work in an industry and country where I am proud and happy. I am positive enough that after a few years, I aim to become a Restaurant Manager and eventually will also be able to own and operate my own restaurant business.