Sheena Mudaliar

Course : Diploma in NetworkingAdministration & Management-Graduate 5th September, 2014

Level : IT Level 7

Role : Service Desk Analyst




We provide first and second level customer support in both hardware and software applications in the service desk team. We are the first port of contact to all inbound customer support for Qantas.

We log customer calls, identify the issues experienced, analyse the problems faced by customers and then work through possible solutions to help the customer to satisfied outcomes. At Fujitsu teamwork is the key to fast and effective service for our customers. The satisfaction of working at this company is that every day you are learning something new, you have exposure to a wide range of IT areas and the team are so supportive. The management and our team leaders are invaluable with their experience and encouragement they provide.

The role here at Fujitsu has helped my career future and developed my skills in the area of being able to multi-task and to assimilate crucial customer service skills. The personnel environment is quite balanced with a relatively equal male to female ratio.

The ITIL Service Management and Project Management modules we completed at Cornell were very essential to the process we use daily at Fujitsu. I am very thankful for the job placement service by iCareer which supported me into this great role at Fujitsu.


Manager: Mark Almeida

Sheena has demonstrated a problem solving nature and willing to attempt fixing issues for customers. She has a confidence for technical issues and positive attitude towards the customer service aspect of the role.