Mark Hwang

Course : Diploma in Professional Cookery Level 5– Graduate Student

Course Dates: Nov. 2012 – Sep. 2013

Nationality : Korean

Working Currently: “OSTRO” Restaurant, Auckland Britomart


ostroDo you have passion to become a chef? Do you want to learn what it is like to work in a commercial kitchen and how to operate you own food industry? If you answered yes to all of those questions, Cornell is the right and smart choice for you to obtain your chosen career path, and probably the fastest way forward in aiming for your future dream!
My name is Mark Hwang, and I was a student who studied for a Diploma in Professional Cookery level 5 at Cornell Institute. I always had vision of becoming a chef as my passion was being able to create good foods. That is why I decided Cornell was for the right choice for me and came to study here in Auckland. It was probably one of the best choices I’ve made in my life. I completed a one year professional cookery course learning the basics to modern culinary arts, which seems a bit short of time to train and gather all the information to be a chef, but with Cornell’s tutors, they help you to develop your culinary skills and knowledge and are supportive all the way. They will push you hard on how to work in a realistic world so you can be job ready. Having this great mentoring left me without any doubt that all my concerns were not necessary as I have overcome them.

All staff at Cornell was really helpful,my own marketing person who i could rely on being there for me in any way and iCareer services to support with job information and guidance if needed. I had a really great time and enjoyed the course at Cornell and for anyone that is passionate like me to be a Chef in New Zealand; I would recommend you choose The Cornell Education Group (CIBT). It would be the best move to make! I am now happy working full time at one of Auckland’s famous vibrant CBD restaurants “Ostro”. It is amazing how the skills I learned are actually being applied in my work place.