YoungJae Park

Gold Medal 2014-NZ Culinary Fare

Salmon Training Category

The best part of the National competition was participating in the Salmon Training category and being part of such a large event. I had the chance to learn new skills and observe what the food industry is expecting from professional chefs.

This was a very professional atmosphere for developing techniques and skill sets. From this experience I realised that I have learnt valuable culinary skills that could have only come from being part of the whole culinary training process. The training and guidance from my tutor Jo boosted my speed, design skills, time management and how to handle stress.

This whole experience will definitely help me for my future career, my culinary skills and definitely my self-confidence.

– (Jim) Young Jae Park (Cookery, CIBT)e

Jim was a very good trainee chef who came with an open mind to develop his skills. His knife skills were good and over the training period strengthened. He was easy to mentor and he listened well along with making sure he took notes during the training sessions. As a result I am very pleased and proud of Jim’s results – A gold medal!

– Chef Jo Seedhouse (Trainer)