Eventstar Training-Rugby World Cup 2011

It all began in April when Cornell students were offered by iCareer team Raj Singh & Kathryn Lovelidge an opportunity to work for the Rugby World Cup 2011 at Eden Park & North Harbour Stadium.  Hospitality, Business & IT student’s expressed an interest to work at this once in a life time event.
We all agreed that Rugby World Cup were looking for professional workers, so to be successful the businesses & iCareer set high standards for the criteria’s that were expected of the students at the interview selections.  One of the criteria’s being; students must have a good command & understanding of English.  There were also conditions set by the Rugby World Cup, these conditions being, that all staff selected for job placements required training on an EventStar program.
The EventStar Program was carried out in June over three days, each day holding a four hour program to offer the students further knowledge on how to deliver & provide a high quality customer service.  During this time each of them had the opportunity to participate and contribute their views and understandings in which they were certainly committed too.
On the 7th July at Cornell we held a special acknowledgement to the students where H.S.I guests Jeremy Curry (Business Development Manager) & Todd Fletcher (Training Coach) came along especially to present our students with their well earned awards, where more than eighty students attained their Eventstar certification having completed the training, and have now commenced work at Eden Park & North Harbour.
This experience is one that may lead to further opportunities now that our students have increased their practical & people skills & knowledge by working in New Zealand at this event for the Rugby World Cup 2011.