F&B Team Building Experience

The day started the way it was intended to be lots of fun & exhilarating trapeze acts! Staff posters I am defiantly not familiar with being a new staff member. Posters stated new staffs turn up in jandals on the day. So I did, I rolled up at Rydges, with my jandals but also in uniform! My fellow comrades were in fits of laughter as you can imagine.

Luckily I had time to quickly change & it was only then I realized that we were going on one of New Zealand’s greatest adventures.

The “Tarzan Test” was to be our tree adventure wonderland just waiting for the magnificent Rydges four teams of six to be conquered.


Propositioned into taking on board the highest levels seven to ten my dare devil manager Carlos gave me the supportive indications of “Tackle or Fail”.  So it was to be that I was chosen to be part of his “Red Team” where we were monkeying around up to 14 meters above ground. I was horrified at the thought of my ordeal that I was about to endure “Tarzan Swings” for testing composure & balance of which my nerves were shattered, the “Ape Hanger” & “Mario Run” required additional cheek tightening exercises as by this time my stomach was not feeling too clever!  & not to forget a mention of the ultimate high wire adventure the “Flying Fox” that was to push us all to our limits.

Alas I overcome my fear I felt like I was King of the Jungle hanging upside down from the treetops imitating the noise of ten monkeys having completed the course & now being recognized as one of Carlos’s Little Monkeys winning team!


Wow! What an amazing experience to know that I am part of a valued team.

Now I am prepared for anything having crossed these obstacles


Prateek Arora