LAC Meeting

On Thursday 10th of July The Cornell Education Group held our first LAC meeting for the year.

This is significant in that we are combining the two institutes (Cornell Institute & PBRS) and their industry advisory engagement process.

The stakeholders comprise of industry business leaders, employers, management leaders, owners of relevant companies, governing bodies and industry associations.

The members that attended were drawn from a variety of companies with Heritage, Copthorne & VR Group Hotels for the hospitality sector; Datacom, Fujitsu, Dimension Data, BNZ for IT and business, to name a few. They provided comments, ideas and action points for us

The function of the Local Advisory Committee is to bring industry expertise into the academic training environment in such a way that facilitates more effective educational programs capable of producing suitable candidates for the employment environment in each of the given disciplines. Each member of the LACs can have input towards the academy life, facilities provided and quality of programmes offered at TCEG Campuses.

The Cornell Education Group look forwards to strengthening our connection with the local industry stakeholders for the necessary future quality goals.