Len Brown-Mayor of Auckland

As Mayor of Auckland it is my pleasure to welcome students of Cornell Institute of Business & Technology to our beautiful city. New Zealanders are known for their hospitality and as a city we welcome people from all over the world. Auckland provides a stunning natural environment surrounded by three harbours, and is a dynamic and truly international city. More than 180 different ethnicities live here, a cosmopolitan blend of Maori, Pasifika, Asian and European cultures. Auckland has been ranked third internationally for its quality of living. For students, it offers a great range of learning facilities including libraries, art galleries and museums. Students can gain world class education here as well as enjoy our stunning parks and beaches, theatres, restaurants, cafes, festivals and host of different cultural experiences. My vision is to make Auckland the world’s most liveable city – prosperous, inclusive and an eco-city which protects its fantastic natural gifts. To realise this vision, a global city needs global partnership to make it truly great. As diverse and well travelled people, Aucklanders have connections throughout the world. We value our international relationships which allow us to create educational and cultural exchanges as well as mutual economic opportunities. We look forward to welcoming you to Auckland to experience its pleasures for yourself. I hope you will make the most of your time here and I wish you well with your studies.
Nga mihi Len Brown,



Len Brown
Mayor of Auckland