NZ Culinary Fare 2011

The 2011 Culinary fare has come to a close for another year and once ten of Cornell’s culinary students were there competing in the biggest event of New Zealand’s hospitality calendar.

One month out from the culinary fare students were asked whether or not they would like to enter the culinary competition. After much deliberation students presented their recipe ideas. These ideas were then looked at to see if they were compatible with the competitions. Applications were filled in and sent out and the process of refining the student’s ideas to make the standard of the competition began.

One week later the first problem presented itself, word came back to us that this year’s competition were oversubscribed, this meant that original options had to be changed and dishes needed to be adapted so they could be entered into alternative competitions. It also meant that some of our trainees would be competing in open class competitions alongside more experienced and seasoned chefs. Two weeks out from the competitions the training intensified and the final preparations were made, ingredients were refined, timing was tightened, equipment chosen and time plans were written.

The day before the competitions the students prepared their equipment

On the Sunday the first competitor gathered his equipment and set off for the ASB show grounds, cheered on by the other competitors who came to watch and see for themselves what they had let themselves in for. Across the next three days Cornell was represented in elven events.

Across the three days all of the culinary students at Cornell played a part in supporting the competitors by working in kitchens that might not have had the full complement of equipment or resources that they were used to and that were also being used by competitors doing last minute preparations and training,


The final outcome of all this hard work and compromise on the part of the team manager Chris and supporting teachers and students of cornels cookery department is that our competitors rose to the challenge and did very well but above all had fun and regardless of result learned from experience and so we are proud to inform everyone that we were presented with four bronze and four silver medals as well as Jason also collecting $300 worth of cookbooks for having the highest points in the class of The Classics.

Congratulations to everyone involved.

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