NZ National Culinary Fare 2012

The National Culinary Fare hit Auckland on Sunday 22nd – Tuesday 24th August with over 900 competitors competing in the world’s largest annual competition of its kind where this kind of event provides a platform to network with all levels of the hospitality industry, & for competitors to match themselves against others, for our managers & tutors to get exposure to new products and techniques in this ever changing environment.

As expected, our students of Cornell did not disappoint. They were contending amongst the top competitors, winning a total of fifteen medals in what judges determined to be of highest competence to date. We had one gold medal winner in the fruit flan competition, collecting a further five silver medals and nine bronze in other classes.

The competition requires obligation, hard work & dedication from the participants, with both students and trainers committing many weeks to competition practice and preparation. Ensuring students are prepared, organized & operational for the high standard required in this & other events as well as the industry of which is a most important factor of iCareer approach.

They were truly a credit to watch by demonstrating a great way to expand their skills” A huge thank you & well done to you all.
A special thank you goes out to our Cornell & iCareer staffs who have given their time in training, guidance & support during & after this event.