Regional Culinary Fare 2012

Summary of the Challenge: This year the event took place at AUT. The purpose was to evaluate each student’s skills & competency in many situations. Our students had to use their practical abilities & organization skills to execute a range of culinary criteria accurately and safely in the field of Cookery & Hospitality. The Challenge recognized the students for their excellence, professionalism and outstanding performance. Each one of our student participants gave their best! They showed enthusiasm, determination, spirit, gumption and most of all a passion for competition. The results were magnificent and outstanding; we collected one Merit Certificate, three Gold, eight Silver and five Bronze medals. Class 121 – Soup One gold medal: Sashi Maeda Class 122 – Pasta Dish Two gold medals: Josan Cabansag Joanne Young Hee Kim Two silver medals: Hyeone Han Marchelyna Susanti Winter Zheng Yao Two bronze medals: Monica Ji Hea Kim Rachael Bokyeon Lee Class 124 – Live Dessert One silver medal: Winnie Qiuli Yang One bronze medal: Jenny Hyun Young Lee Class 125 – Lamb Three silver medals: JK Jaekeun Lee Ken Tait De Kien Shivashna Sanjani Lata One bronze medal: Surattana Chusaeng Class 120– Nicoise Salad One silver medal: Liam Lin One bronze medal: Jing Zhang Class 140– Table Setting, Clearing & Crumbing One merit certificate: Prateek Arora All of these competitions give great opportunities for our students to gain valuable experience in a real-life working environment and provides them with a greater understanding of how to work well under pressure in the Catering Industry. On behalf of Cornell and iCareer we would like to take this opportunity to thank the Cookery and Hospitality students that participated, and to those that supported at last weekend’s regional’s competition, you all gave one hundred percent. Give yourselves a huge pat on the back. We would also like to thank all of our professional tutors for their leadership skills, experience, vigor and time to assist with coaching our students and help them set the standard to reap high recognition and rewards!