Oleg Zavivaev

Course : Cornell English Language Intermediate

Nationality : Russian

Course Duration: September 2014 to January 2015

I am taking an English language course at Cornell English School in Auckland. After finishing this course I am going to continue my studies with The Cornell Education Group and join their Computing Network level 7 course, of which I am excited about.

I have found that this education programme is made easy to understand, the classes are comfortable learning places, especially the tutors they very considerate and ensure every students needs are taken care of with undivided attention. At Cornell, the classes are dynamic because you have to speak English because all students came from different t countries.

I think this is the best way to improve your skills. I am finding this English programme is really helping me improve my communication skills and future in finding a job. I have recently been introduced to iCareer who are Cornell’s support services who were very helpful; they assist all students with the knowledge needed to require a job. Anytime of the week, even during weekends, any issues that may arise support is available at Cornell, as my marketing manager Bien; he was there to help me. From opening a bank account, to transferring from home stay to another accommodation, he helped me. He makes himself available if I need help.

New Zealand is a very beautiful country; the people are from many different countries and are all kind and friendly. Our field trips to the parks with their natural habits are amazing. Every weekend I am exploring new places and find this to be really exciting and an interesting adventure, including my education here in Auckland!

Oleg Zavivaev