Auckland Regional Salon 2015


The Auckland Regional Culinary Fare competitions hit our Auckland CBD at AUT over the weekend of 10th, 11th ,12th June 2015 where twenty nine of our Cornell Student’s competed.
This event is a great learning process for our students, where it creates a kind of realism and helps provide a platform of preparation in readiness for the Nationals in August of this year.
As expected, our students performed exceptionally well and did not disappoint. They were contending amongst top competitors, and walking away winning a total of twenty four medals in what was determined this year to be the same level of scoring by the judges as will be in the Nationals.
Our Cookery student ‘s collecting a total of six silver medal winners, in the Fruit Flan and Pasta Dish sections, fourteen bronze medals for; Fruit Flan, Chocolate Dessert, Live Dessert, Beef, Salmon and Nicoise Salad sections.
Also collected two merits, along with three participations
Additionally our reasonably one year new Hospitality course student’s collecting two bronze medals for Innovative Table Setting and two bronze medals for Table Setting, Clearing & Crumbing Down.

This competition required the obligation of each and everyone involved, through hard work & dedication from the participants, with both students and trainers committing many weeks of time prior to the competition to practice and preparation.Ensuring students are prepared, organized & operational for the high standard required in this & other events as well as the industry of which is a most important factor of iCareer approach.

They were truly a credit to watch by demonstrating a great way to expand their skills” Well done to you all”.

The Auckland Regional Salon 2015  (North, Central and West)

10th12th July 2015

The Regional Salon 2015 Committee are pleased to release the Auckland Regional and Secondary Schools Salon

competition schedule.

The competition is run in line with the World Association of Chefs Societies [WACS] guidelines. Competitors receive

their results on the day of competition and medals are be awarded at the Prize-giving held at the end of each day.