Lily Pearl Valdez

Course : Diploma in Hospitality Management L5

Nationality : Filipino

Employed : Grasshopper Thai Restaurant



I am presently working as a Food and Beverage Attendant at The Grasshopper Thai Restaurant and have been since November 2013.

I was referred to apply for this job by my friend. My tasks include; serving the guests, taking their orders and clearing of tables. This helps me develop my hospitality skills as I am dealing with different people from various countries, learning the “Meet and greet” and providing an outstanding customer service where guest’s leave having had an amazing experience.

The things I learned with my studies at Cornell have helped improve my confidence in serving the guests promptly and professionally as I really do my best to exceed their expectations. This role is a huge helps towards my career goal and future, as I am now achieving what I came to New Zealand to do; Work in an industry and country where I am proud and happy. I am positive enough that after a few years, I aim to become a Restaurant Manager and eventually will also be able to own and operate my own restaurant business.