Job Support-iCareer

Our goal and objectives of iCareer is to get students ready for the workforce and establish a strong and well respected reputation and foot hold in the Hospitality, Business and Information Technology Industry.

iCareer – Employment Support

We Prepare students for the world of the 21st century in high quality educational Training programs that ensure that our students obtain the skills and Technical knowledge necessary to keep them ahead in today’s employment market.
We can assist you with:

  • Writing a cover letter, Curriculum Vitae preparation
  • Job Interview Techniques
  • Questions and Answers – Employment and Job Hunting Techniques
  • Career Counseling
  • Attend a series of evaluation interviews for up skill development skills
  • Search for Job Matching opportunities and vacancies with prospective employers
  • Organize and schedule Job Interview with prospective Employers
    Application requirements
  • For information on Application Requirements, download the information below.
  • Information for Applicants(MS Word)

The main focus of iCareer is to provide support and assistance to our students to be “work ready” once they have graduated

  • We aid our students with seeking an entry level job whilst studying
  • We prepare our students for the New Zealand job market, also forging a career path within the area of their study and expertise

At iCareer

  • We assist you to prepare an individual CV based on skills gained in previous jobs and home country.
  • We advise you of local job sites where vacancies are advertised, encouraging you to apply, helping you write cover letters, applications etc
  • We give one on one advice to you to prepare for an interview by conducting a ‘mock’ interview and creating a real life scenario to aid readiness
  • We advise you on professional mannerism and effective presentation skills
  • We arrange for ‘work experience’ wherever possible to allow you to gain confidence in the workplace
  • We counsel and guide you towards your career goals

Job Support Team

We are dedicated and committed towards pursuing all possible avenues with regards to career choices of our students and we feel rewarded when we see them take their first steps on their career paths.