Sio Sio Wong

Training Chef of the Year – Sio Sio Wong

Sio Sio being crowned the Chef of the year,

sio2“I thoroughly enjoyed my time studying in Cornell. Cornell guides me to the future I always desire and it inspired me to continue to challenge myself. They truly embrace diversity and make me feel like home. The teachers and the faculty are awesome! I will never forget my time at Cornell.”

-Sio Sio Wong

Sio Sio was awarded a cup plus three silver medals. Marks were combined to make her the overall winner. She was the best among the rest.
The NZ Hospitality Championships are held annually to showcase the talent of New Zealand’s hospitality industry.
It is run in association with NZ Chefs who are the “National Association” supporting and representing Chefs across NZ from school age to mature practitioners.

Laura Eboli

Laura Eboli – Argentina

International Diploma in Food Preparation and Cookery Supervision (Advanced) (Level 5)

laura-02“I have had the chance to use my Cornell training in the areas of stock control, hazard awareness and knife skills which have given me more confidence to develop in the kitchen role.

I have been at Giusto Bar and Eatery from nearly the launch of the establishment and love the opportunity to gain experience in a quality commercial food outlet in the CBD of Auckland.”

-Laura Eboli

“Laura supports the morning preparation shift helping with the breakfast and cabinet food. She has made great progress in learning how to produce high quality food, maintaining HACCP principles and developing her knife skills to a suitable level.”

-Maria Saunier /Sous chef – Pastry


Expansion of The Cornell Education Group

Expansion of The Cornell Education Group (TCEG)

TCEG is pleased to announce that it has purchased Wilkinson’s English Language School (WELS) currently located in Christchurch. This school deservedly holds a NZQA Category One rating based on the External Evaluation and Review conducted in June 2013. The EER team was Highly Confident in the educational performance and Confident in the capability in self-assessment of WELS.

The first sentence of the statement of confidence on educational performance maintained that “there is good evidence that most of WELS’s learners and other stakeholders are achieving their goals and gaining valued outcomes.” The statement of confidence on capability in self-assessment opened with the sentence “WELS was able to demonstrate to the evaluation team that it is collecting useful information to assess key processes and practices and is using the information to plan, implement and evaluate improvements.” Such statements illustrate the high quality of WELS and TCEG looks forward to the future with confidence, secure in the knowledge that this addition to the Cornell group will strengthen it.

Some of WELS’s courses will be operated from centres where the Cornell group has campuses and some of Cornell’s courses will be offered in Christchurch. This arrangement is significant as English language students in Auckland will now be able to work up to 20 hours a week just as Diploma students have been able to do for a number of years. TCEG welcomes this as an opportunity for its students to be able to gain employment.



YoungJae Park

Gold Medal 2014-NZ Culinary Fare

Salmon Training Category

The best part of the National competition was participating in the Salmon Training category and being part of such a large event. I had the chance to learn new skills and observe what the food industry is expecting from professional chefs.

This was a very professional atmosphere for developing techniques and skill sets. From this experience I realised that I have learnt valuable culinary skills that could have only come from being part of the whole culinary training process. The training and guidance from my tutor Jo boosted my speed, design skills, time management and how to handle stress.

This whole experience will definitely help me for my future career, my culinary skills and definitely my self-confidence.

– (Jim) Young Jae Park (Cookery, CIBT)e

Jim was a very good trainee chef who came with an open mind to develop his skills. His knife skills were good and over the training period strengthened. He was easy to mentor and he listened well along with making sure he took notes during the training sessions. As a result I am very pleased and proud of Jim’s results – A gold medal!

– Chef Jo Seedhouse (Trainer)

Urvashi Ramchandra Shinde

Course:Business Level 7 – Graduate

Duration:February 2013 – Dec 2013

Present Role: Reservations Consultant Quest Service Apartments- Corporate Office(Takapuna)



Hi to everyone! My name is Urvashi Ramchandra Shinde and I am pleased and excited to announce that I have successfully completed my New Zealand Diploma in Business (Level 7) last year.

I began my course in February 2013, during the course I got to experience a whole new education pattern along with a unique experience in learning about New Zealand culture. I am very thankful to the entire teacher’s and iCareer employment advisors who have supported and encouraged me throughout my journey whilst at Cornell.

Whilst I was studying I started working at Sky city as a waitress and then was offered an opportunity to work as a premier rewards host which was related to my studies. This September 2014, I received another opening opportunity I could not refuse and one where I was selected for the role of Contact Centre Consultant with Quest Service Apartments at their corporate office in Takapuna. Quest is a very large organisation with 33 properties across New Zealand and one property in Fiji.

I am striving to achieve residency in New Zealand and working on my work visa at the moment and all is looking good for me in that direction. I would recommend Cornell to any perspective student looking to study her in New Zealand, as the staff are always supportive and at hand. This country is a great place for any student to start a new career path.


Urvashi Shinde

Reservations Consultant

Oleg Zavivaev

Course : Cornell English Language Intermediate

Nationality : Russian

Course Duration: September 2014 to January 2015

I am taking an English language course at Cornell English School in Auckland. After finishing this course I am going to continue my studies with The Cornell Education Group and join their Computing Network level 7 course, of which I am excited about.

I have found that this education programme is made easy to understand, the classes are comfortable learning places, especially the tutors they very considerate and ensure every students needs are taken care of with undivided attention. At Cornell, the classes are dynamic because you have to speak English because all students came from different t countries.

I think this is the best way to improve your skills. I am finding this English programme is really helping me improve my communication skills and future in finding a job. I have recently been introduced to iCareer who are Cornell’s support services who were very helpful; they assist all students with the knowledge needed to require a job. Anytime of the week, even during weekends, any issues that may arise support is available at Cornell, as my marketing manager Bien; he was there to help me. From opening a bank account, to transferring from home stay to another accommodation, he helped me. He makes himself available if I need help.

New Zealand is a very beautiful country; the people are from many different countries and are all kind and friendly. Our field trips to the parks with their natural habits are amazing. Every weekend I am exploring new places and find this to be really exciting and an interesting adventure, including my education here in Auckland!

Oleg Zavivaev

Ken Li

Course : Diploma in Hospitality Management L5

Nationality : Chinese

Employed : International Education Fund



It was January of this year when I started the role of a Receptionist Intern with this company of which I was recommended by a friend.

Working in the front desk enhances my customer service skills through answering phone calls, patiently responding to customers’ enquiries and dealing with them with courtesy and respect, providing an exception customer service ensuring all responses have a good satisfaction outcome. I like this job because it helps me to communicate in different ways to every customer.

Learning in Cornell teaches me how to provide an excellent service in the industry, along with my parents who have advised me that through my experiences, there is always a huge potential for me to grow and succeed in my choice of career.

I would recommend to all perspective and present students that work experiences, Internships are a good way to help, enhance and contribute towards your study skills, where once completed the short programme you have better prospects for working in New Zealand. 



Course : National Diploma Hospitality Management L5

Nationality : Indian

Started Dec. 2013



I started working as a Food and Beverage Attendant in Pescado Café & Tapas Mediterranean Bar in December 2013. I was trained to do table set-up, welcoming guests, taking and serving the orders.

I also make Barista coffees and serve beverages, where I provide excellent customer service satisfaction for the guests being my biggest responsibility. This helps me to meet and greet different people of diverse cultures of which I enjoy the most here in this beautifully located vibrant area of Auckland.

I am really thankful for iCareer as they assisted me to find this job my tutor of my studies at Cornell and Pescado staff as with their contributed support has helped me to achieve my goals. Now I know that I am on the right path of my chosen career with this important role in the hospitality industry.


Manjeet Singh